Who We Are

We are specialist in providing retail space to many companies for their new stores/outlets at high street markets & good malls across A, B & C class cities in Delhi / N.C.R. / North / Central India. We work as per the requirement of our clients, suggesting them the best option for retail success. We help & guide our clients’ right from selecting the right location to legal paper work, closure of the deal till opening of the store/outlet.

We also provide franchise option to individuals who want to invest and start new business. We have various formats of footwear, garments & F&B from which people can select and start business. Investments depend on the format selected by individuals. It is not important to own a shop to start business.

What We Do

Serving you...... BETTER THAN THE BEST

Our research department focuses on providing our clients with knowledge base research about the retail property sectors. Roma Ventures research specialises in converting property data into educated market knowledge.
We apply our insight, experience, and resources to help clients make informed real estate decisions. If your organization has a diverse and geographically dispersed real estate portfolio, it is critical for you to have accurate, up-to-date information for strategic location planning.
Our comprehensive suite of services enables you to implement effective portfolio strategies, with access to relevant, timely and accurate information, thereby enhancing your overall decision making process. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can add value to our clients portfolios, hence empowering them to make well informed decisions and improve the performance of their investments.

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