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Shopping Malls - Leasing

Acquiring Strategic Locations…on time, on budget. The Indian organised retail market is undergoing a phenomenal transformation with rapidly changing trends. The location of the retail store or outlet has a major bearing on the profitability of the store as it directly influences the number of customer footfalls. The entrepreneur must be sensitive to the target market, their buying patterns, neighbourhood brands, convenient accessibility and competitive strategy as these factors play a crucial role in determining the location of the retail outlet. We have tie ups with most of the good developers/landlords in the country and provide first hand information about the existing as well as upcoming projects to our clients, so as to help them plan for their prospective stores in advance.

High street market - leasing

Through our specialised consultancy services and analysis of competitors and future trends, we guide our clients in making the right decision as per their needs and objectives. With our primary focus being the client's brand enhancement and profitability, we have been able to sustain our position as one of the leading specialised service providers in the sector. This has indeed rendered us capable of maintaining a win-win situation with all the parties involved in the entire transaction. Our team brings you the most extensive and updated information about the high street markets . We negotiate terms with the landlords on the behalf of our clients and help them find retail spaces which are best suited to their needs.

Our mission is to deliver superior results by collaborating across markets and services lines.